$1,200 ($100 monthly) – LEADERSHIP CIRCLE

Leaders provide support for some of our most important legal services such as Asylum for survivors of political and religious persecution and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for children fleeing gang violence in Central America.

$500 ($42 monthly) – ADVOCATE SOCIETY

We rely on advocates to deliver support for legal services such as T Visas for survivors of human trafficking and smuggling. We coordinate with health care providers to ensure that these courageous individuals recover from their traumatic experiences.

$250 ($21 monthly) – PARTNER

Our partners sustain some of our most important legal work, U Visas and VAWA, which help protect survivors of violent crimes and domestic abuse. These programs include partnerships with law enforcement agencies like the FBI, local police, and the district attorneys.

$100 ($8 monthly) – AMIGO

We are fortunate to have many friends throughout the country. Their contributions match, dollar-for-dollar, the fees of clients applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and help to keep our services affordable for low-income families.

$ Any amount makes a difference

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