Peter's STORY

Peter now lives safely with his brother in Tennessee. Life hasn't always been easy or safe, however.

Peter was a young boy when his brother immigrated to the U.S. While his brother's journey to find work and raise a family was difficult, it was worse for Peter back home in Sudan.

Life was perilous for the family as they were persecuted and harassed by violent men on horseback. Their village was under constant attack.

When life became too dangerous for the young boy, he escaped with nothing. He made the daring journey to live with his brother.

Peter's asylum claim rested on the fact that the Sudanese government funded the militias in what amounted to ethnic cleansing of Peter's tribe. Nearly half a million people died in Darfur, 2.8 million displaced like Peter.

Without an attorney, Peter's life could have been much different. It could have ended much too soon. Now, Peter can follow his brother and pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor and raising an American family of his own.