Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Available in Tennessee

Justice for Our Neighbors will provide legal assistance to combat confusion

Following the recent injunction in a California court, Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors will assist young immigrants who are eligible to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Lawyers and volunteers are ready to provide advice and comfort in the midst of the confusion created by the government.

In September 2017, Attorney General Sessions and President Trump terminated the program. Since that time, more than 100 young people per day lost their DACA status. In Tennessee alone over 16,000 DACA recipients, including teachers, healthcare providers, construction workers and students, will suffer as a result of losing their DACA status. 

"Tennesseans who have lived here for years have so much fear and anxiety because of the politics of their situation. We want to give them confidence that there are people who support them. That's why we're waiving all fees for young people applying for DACA," said Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors Executive Director Wade Munday.

"If our country keeps going down the path of deporting people who have DACA, then it will cause a major disruption in the way our schools and hospitals operate. It will affect business and commerce, and, more importantly, it will destroy lives that once clung to the smallest hope that they could one day chase the American Dream," added Board President Barbara Clinton.

"We will continue to renew applications until the current injunction is lifted by the courts," Clinton continued." This chaos created by the administration is cruel and inhumane punishment for young people who have not committed any crimes. We want to help in whatever way we can."

People who held DACA status on September 5, 2017 are encouraged to make appointments by calling (615) 835-2512 to learn more. For more information about Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors visit