Our Response to the Travel Ban

Weeks before the busiest travel days of the year, The Supreme Court has upheld travel restrictions affecting people from six Muslim-majority nations.

Can you contribute $25, $50, or $100 between now and the end of the year to show your support for immigrants and refugees from those countries and the more than 20 other countries we've helped this year?

Even though there is still hope the travel ban might be overturned in lower courts, the ban affects travelers seeking asylum, safety, or even the simplest comfort of visiting their families during the holidays.

We need your support along with the hours and hours of hospitality and legal services provided by our attorneys and volunteers.

When justice and fairness seem so far out of reach for vulnerable people around the globe, $100 can go a long way at Justice for Our Neighbors to ensure that an asylum-seeker has an advocate and friend in 2017.

P.S. Sign up for a monthly gift of $10 or more and receive a free ticket to Food from Inside the Travel Ban and Tapas for Justice next year.